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A Walk In The Past

Harley’s Beagle Blog October 2017

Harley’s Beagle Blog October 2017

Hello Harley Beagle fans and welcome to the next gripping instalment based on my true life adventures. I have had a very busy month with hundreds visiting the collection, giving me plenty of hugs and kisses and leaving extremely generous contributions for Cancer Research.

Now while I am a very sociable animal my best mate Dusty will never be in line for a Noble Peace Prize. If she does not like you, then you had better hold on to your ‘crown jewels’ as she will attack faster than any Police trained Alsatian. Dusty is only ten kilos of fat and muscle but if anyone ventures into her domain without her permission, my best advice would be to book yourself in for a two week break at the local hospital.

Dusty is very good at letting you into the property but not so good at letting you out, and unless you can jump over the large gate with ten kilos clamped to your lower leg, unsupervised entry is not recommended. If you have ever tried to run with a fat Jack Russell stapled to your lower thigh then entry is really not a good idea.

The only good thing about Dusty is that because she is overweight, [FAT] she cannot jump very high and therefore has trouble targeting anything above the knee cap. Don’t get me wrong, Dusty is a loving, caring little dog but has a strong dislike of uninvited guests especially at 3.00 am in the morning.

I am five times the size and weight of Dusty but believe you me I am no match for this little bundle of fun. A new postman arrived today and not knowing any better actually made it to the letter box to deliver the post.

Dusty waits patiently for the postman

Dusty waits patiently for the postman

Dusty was inside sleeping on her chair and saw the Postman late. Like a coiled spring she jumped off the chair and hurled herself straight against the window and bounced off on to the floor. Getting into first gear, with tyres screaming, she thundered across the very slippy floor, burning rubber, took the turn and again launched herself at the glass door, barking her head off.

The Postman is now receiving counselling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and reconsidering his new chosen career. I should hire Dusty out to the Post Office to be used as part of the practical test for new job applicants.

Dusty takes over security duties

Dusty takes over security duties

Anyway, my mate is better than any burglar alarm system and although she may not be able to run fast or jump higher than four inches, she makes a great deterrent to any unsuspecting unwanted visitor to the property. If Dusty grabs you by the ankle at 3.00am in the morning you will need a crowbar, chisel and pliers just to get her jaws open and a large bandage and tetanus shot just to get you home.

Also keep practicing high jumping over a five foot gate, in the dark with a Jack Russell clamped to your right leg, I promise you… it is not easy.

Harley Beagle.

Chief security guard at The Abingdon Collection.


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