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Are you a Collector?

Are you a Collector?

Collectors in Omagh may soon have a new group to join with the formation of the ‘ Omagh Collectors Forum’. Discussions are underway with some local collectors to bring together people who have a similar interest and would like to share their passion for collecting.

Felim O’Neill, a member of the steering group said:

‘In the absence of a traditional museum in Omagh, outside the excellent Ulster American Folk Park, the onus has been put on private collectors to lead this initiative and we are aware that many very high quality collections exist locally. The initial aim will be to hold a public meeting just to see what the level of local interest is in bringing collectors together. We are aware of large toy, model, antique, vintage, militaria, rural exhibits, record, football programme, motorcycles and Classic car collections within just a few miles of Omagh Town, but their owners rarely meet except at organised shows or fairs.’

The objective of the new forum would be to try to attract members and create a database of what is out there for the benefit of both collectors and the wider public and to act as a potential educational resource for future generations.

Philip Faithfull, owner of ‘the Abingdon Collection’ in Omagh said:

‘I have hundreds visit the collection each year, but it is very evident that the age profile for collectors has greatly increased, with young, new collectors not coming on board. When I grew up every child had an interest in collecting something , be it badges, buttons, comics, model cars, stamps, coins or trade cards, but now it worries me that even very young children are engrossed in mobile devices and do not experience the joy of collecting.

There are so many very impressive collections locally that I hope would encourage young collectors to think about investing in the future. Very often when a young person is encouraged to collect at an early stage then they will keep that interest thoughout their life. Collecting has very often been seen as a male dominated pursuit but we would love to encourage all young people to get involved.

The first meeting of ‘The Omagh Collectors Forum’ will be held in Omagh Library on Wednesday the 4th September at 6.00pm. The response to this first invitation will determine   whether there is the interest locally to drive this forward.

If you would like more information please call Felim on 028 8224 1735 or Philip on 028 8224 3373.




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